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Lorenzo Spinola

3D Artist from Italy

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I was born in Brescia and up to a certain point in my life, it made perfect sense to continue the path that I thought was right for me. So after completing my studies at the surveyor's institute, I carried on with civil engineering. Then one day, without knowing that my life was about to change, I discovered  3D world  and I was blown away.

That day, in front of a simple light animation of a villa, I   realized my  true passion and what I wanted to do when I grew up: become a 3D Artist. 

In hindsight, my academic career was not in vain: engineering taught me a technical approach, and organizational tools that came very handy in 3D.
After receiving my degree, I visited Dublin and I ended up in London, where I currently live and work. For three years I created renders and models of Charlotte Tilbury's products but then I decided to start my own business and work as a freelancer.

I like England, I appreciate the practicality and functionality of the system here (this is my engineer side talking!). The idea, however, is to return to Italy, bringing with me all the important things that I have learned and the beauty that I have seen, to contribute, in my small way, to making our country as beautiful and functioning as a well oiled  project.

When I hit play, that's where I always see what I love about 3D. In that exact moment I see all my efforts taking shape. Like at a forge, giving life and creating from nothing. 
This is what I love the most about 3D, seeing a project fully realized. 


3D Visualizer

C4D, Octane, Redshift...

Motion graphics

C4D, Adobe suite, Fusion...

Interior Design

3DStudio Max, VRay...


After Effects, Mocha, Trapocode, Redgiant...

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